Positive Parenting: How to Be a Good Parent by Empowering Your Kids

Positive parenting involves understanding how to empower your kids. All children have the ability within themselves to do great things. An empowered child is nurtured to understand and truly believe this.

An empowered child develops self-confidence and has a deep belief in their abilities.

This will carry over to all aspects of their life; helping them to lead rich productive lives and reach their full potential.

Good parenting skills will help your children understand that they are unique and their uniqueness is a special gift. They also know that everyone is unique and embrace the unique qualities of others. This helps prevent kids from being bullied and from bullying others.

It’s never too early to practice positive parenting. You can actually begin during fetal development, when your baby is still  inside the womb!

Empowered Kids are
also Healthy Children!

Having healthy children is a goal we all share. We work to empower our children in all areas of life so that they are well rounded and adaptable. These qualities help kids to handle difficult situations as they progress through different stages of their lives.

Positive parenting means focusing on the health of your children’s mind, body and soul!

Don’t Unknowingly
Hold your Kids Back

positive parent yogaUnfortunately the biggest roadblock for kids becoming empowered is us, the parents. We haven’t learned the parenting skills needed to raise empowered children. It’s not your fault and it’s certainly not intentional. But, none the less, the damage is done.

By not providing the positive parenting needed to empower children we are unknowingly holding our kids back from reaching their full potential. As a result they don’t have the impact on the world they were meant to.

We all Want the
Best for our Kids

We all envision our children doing great things when they are born. In fact kids believe they can do anything. They have immense creativity and an abundance mindset. In short they believe they can have it all.

However we too often stifle their creativity and abundant thinking over time. When we tell them what’s not possible that’s what they focus on. So they begin seeing what they can’t do instead of what they want to do.

Again, this is not intentional. It’s most likely the way we were brought up and we simply pass it on. It becomes a vicious cycle that keeps repeating itself.

That’s where positive parenting comes in!

What Makes a Good Parent?

It all starts with positive parenting! It’s the ability to empower your kids, by empowering yourself. It’s a learning process that forces you to be more aware of your thoughts and what you communicate to your children.

Once you understand and learn how to think empowered thoughts you are able to then to teach your children to think empowered thoughts. When you are able to take control of your thoughts you are able to change your mindset.

With a positive and abundant mindset you will be able to practice positive parenting!

Why Don’t More Parents
Practice Positive Parenting?

positive parenting familyGreat question! We have a saying in the coaching world; “You don’t know what you don’t know.” It’s simple but true. We certainly don’t realize we’re holding our children back with our negative viewpoints. It’s just the way were trained to go through life.

One way to stop this cycle is by working with a parenting coach to help you understand the unintentional damage you are doing to your child. The first step in changing your mindset is to become conscious of your thoughts and actions.

Negativity is rooted in your subconscious, so you don’t even realize these thoughts are taking place. Over time negative thoughts fester in your subconscious and eventually become your reality.

Working with a parenting coach helps you transform your subconscious thoughts, which allows you to create a new, positive reality for you and your children. You’ll  learn fun processes to use that you in turn can share with your children, and help them move up the emotional empowerment ladder to a healthy zone.

The Platinum Rule
for Positive Parenting

“You are what you believe you are!” This simple rule goes a long way with children. If they are told over and over what they can’t do, they believe it.

But, if you focus on helping them believe they can do whatever they want to, then they will believe it and achieve it!

No One Knows Your Kids Better than You

There is no one more equipped to work with your children than you. You know them better than anyone. You know how they tick, how they think and what motivates them.

Working with a parenting empowerment coach is an easy and unobtrusive way for you to learn valuable lessons and gives you the ability to coach your children.

Your parenting coach will help you develop empowerment exercises for you to share with your children. These exercises are created based on your knowledge of your children. The exercises can take the form of art and craft activities, various fun games, storytelling or dozens of other techniques.

You will learn to become empowered yourself, which will help you use positive parenting methods to coach your child.

When You Think about
Positive Parenting Solutions…

positive parenting…think “Do as I Do”

When you undergo parent empowerment coaching you can truly say to your children, “Do as I do!” In fact it’s a requirement that you walk the walk of what you learn. You will benefit, your children will benefit and your relationships will benefit.

In fact all areas of your life will benefit!

It all starts with you; as a positive parent you will have to live by the principles that you want your children to.

How can Working with a
Parenting Coach
Help Me to Help My Children?

There are numerous benefits to working with a parenting coach:
• Helps you know what you don’t know
• Helps you become aware of negative subconscious habits
• Helps bring clarity in what you need to do to empower your children
• Helps you set goals to spur action
• Helps build confidence that you can practice positive parenting
• Helps you explore areas that need improvement
• Helps you improve your relationships
• Helps you create a healthy lifestyle for you and your children
• Helps you KEEP your children empowered!

You work with a personal trainer to help you get your body in shape. You work with a yoga coach to help get your mind in shape.

Working with a coach to get your parenting skills in shape is no different!

One of my favorite quotes for parents is, “It is time for parents to teach young people early on that in diversity there is beauty and there is strength.”
–Maya Angelou

Parental involvement is the key to positive parenting.

KEEP Kids Empowered with
Your Positive Parenting Skills!

happy empowered girl

The goal of positive parenting is to KEEP kids empowered

Empowered kids grow and have more self-confidence, which leads to living a fuller life.

Kids Emotional Empowerment Plan [KEEP]

KEEP is an emotional guidance system for your children. Emotions play a major role in our kid’s lives. These emotions impact the way they think, the way they interact with others, the way they behave and a myriad of other things.

KEEP is based on the work of Abraham-Hicks, but modified a bit to help children understand the principles better. It divides emotions into 22 categories ranging from the very negative to extremely positive, with empowerment being at the top.

It’s like a ladder that you want to help your children climb. The higher you help them climb the more positive the emotions they will experience.

Your job as a positive parent is to recognize where your children are on the KEEP ladder and help them climb the emotional ladder.

Click Here to view the KEEP Chart!

Working with a parenting coach will help you recognize your child’s emotions and you’ll be able to quickly spot where they are on the ladder. You will also learn various exercises to help them move up the emotional ladder.

Click Here to request a complimentary empowerment parenting coaching get-together, where we can talk further about positive parenting.

Click Here to download your Free, Parenting Empowered Kids ebook.

As a positive parent you’ll be able to help your children move out of those negative emotions into a healthy positive emotional zone! 


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