Want Healthy Children? Focus on Nutrition in Order to Have Super Healthy Kids

Healthy Children Come
from Healthy Nutrition!

For most families trying to raise empowered and healthy children there’s a gap between what we should feed our kids and what we actually feed our kids every day.

As a mom working at positive parenting I understand the challenge of trying to prepare healthy meals for kids each day.

healthy childrenFun foods for kids don’t always include fruits and vegetables. But, we all know super healthy kids require loads of fruits and vegetables each day. So, it’s no wonder preparing healthy meals for kids is such a challenge.

Healthy meals for kids requires time and ingredients that we don’t always have. I have an active family with two sports oriented kids constantly on the go. I had to find a way to bridge this gap.

Otherwise Healthy Children are
at Risk because of Meal Choices

Unfortunately the lack of healthy meals for children is putting their health at risk.

We are experiencing a nutritional epidemic, which is causing us to have fewer healthy children in society, and more obese children.

 Far too often kids are consuming way too much:

  • Processed food
  • Fast food
  • Junk food
  • Sugary sodas

I know fruits and vegetables are not the favorite food groups for kids. They seem unappetizing compared to sodas, fries and candy bars. So, the challenge is finding a way to get in the recommended 7 to 13 daily servings of fruits and vegetables in an already jam packed day.

So How Can I Bridge the Gap and
Raise Empowered and Healthy Children?

It’s a tough question, but if you want to raise super healthy kids, it’s one that has to be answered. healthy Children

That’s why I decided to participate in the Juice Plus Children’s Study. My kids simply take two capsules a day and this supplements any fruit and vegetable deficiencies they may have.

My results have been wonderful! Kids easily take the capsules each morning and reap the benefits of fruits and vegetables throughout the day without a fuss.

This without a doubt contributes to raising healthy children.

I’m participating in the study with over 150,000 other people. Check out the results so far.

My children take the capsules, but if you have younger children they may prefer the chewable jellies.

Not just for Children!

super healthy kidsAs you know practicing positive parenting requires you to walk the talk, and set an example for your soon to be super healthy kids. Both my husband and I, along with my 93 year old mother take juice plus everyday!

If you would like to participate in the study and learn how to get free Juice Plus for your children Click Here.

If you would like to learn more about earning some extra money as a Juice Plus Virtual Franchise owner like me Click Here.

Just to learn more in general check out our sister site www.BodyHealthFusion.com

This a great way to move fruits and vegetables into the favorite food groups for kids, and help you empower healthy children resulting in more super healthy kids in the world!

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