Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start the parent coaching process?

You can contact me to set up an informal complementary get together where we will discuss the areas you want to focus on and the goals you have for your coaching experience. Our 30 minute discussion will form the basis of how we proceed and we can decide what type of schedule works best for you.
How much does life coaching cost?

What is KEEP?

KEEP it stand for Kids Emotional Empowerment Plan, and is my unique method of helping you understand your child’s emotions and how they impact their lives. The key is being able to recognize where your child is on the chart, and use the techniques you learn to help the child move up the ladder to a healthy range. The goal is for your child to experience the top of the ladder, which is empowerment!

What qualities do empowered children have?

While every child is unique and different here are just a few qualities that I observe:

  • Positive attitude
  • Self confident
  • Comfortable with their uniqueness
  • Comfortable with other’s uniqueness
  • Self aware and good decision maker
  • Adaptable

How long does parent coaching take?

I request that parents make an initial 12 week commitment. It takes 12 weeks to learn and understand the range of emotions emotions, and the processes needed to deal with these emotions. I also work with you on positive parenting techniques and help you to understand the underlying universal laws which gives all children (and parents) the ability to become empowered.Understanding these laws will positively impact the rest of your life!

Typically the program involves 12, 50 minute sessions including guided meditations that you will learn and share with your children. You will also have access to my e-mail in between sessions.

Can I continue my coaching sessions after the 12 week program?

Absolutely! Many people find that having a coach hold them responsible for certain tasks make them better parents and more productive in other areas of their life. I’m happy to work out custom programs after the initial 12 week program.

How do the coaching sessions take place?

Typically by  phone or Skype if you prefer. This allows you the convenience of being in your home and unwinding before we meet. As a parent I recognize that parents have full and busy lives, which makes the phone or Skype viable options and allow for maximum flexibility. I can truly work with you anywhere in the world!

How is parent coaching different from counseling and psychotherapy?

Parent coaching deals with the present and how you can empower your child through positive parenting techniques. It does not look at the past but works on creating the future.

Therapy is more appropriate for situations which involve mental health stabilization or safety risks. Any situations where there is a concern for harm or injury, such as abuse, neglect, cutting, suicide, eating disorders, or substance abuse, therapy is the appropriate route and coaching would not be appropriate.

We will be able to establish these factors during our initial get together, but if any of these situations arise during the course of coaching, a referral to a medical professional will be made and the coaching process will end.

Also, coaching is not considered a mental health service and is not covered by health insurance.

Who uses a parent coach?

All types of parents with all types of children use parent coaches. Typically parents feel that they they need another voice to help provide direction for them and the child. Not everyone knows exactly the right time, but after going through my website or reading my e-book, Parenting Empowered Kids, they realize that coaching can benefit the kids as well as themselves.

What will I gain from parent coaching?

You will:

  • Learn how to recognize your child’s emotions and learn to deal with them positively.
  • Understand the universal laws and how they impact your life and your child’s life.
  • Feel more in-control and encouraged in your positive parenting skills.
  • Learn numerous process designed to target specific emotions and raise those emotions on the KEEP chart.
  • Be able to share the processes learned during your session with your children, so in effect you’ll be coaching your children!

What Are Processes?

Processes are simply ways to deal with certain emotions and turn negatives into positives. My processes take many forms and are usually specific to the parent. But, typically involves games, art and craft projects, meditation, visualization and more.

Do you have to meet my children?

No. I work with the parents who in turn work with their own children. No one is more of an expert on their children than the parents! Every child is different and the Parents know the best way to interest with them.

Can my spouse or partner be involved in the coaching process?

Of course! Positive parenting is a team sport and works  best when everyone is on board and involved in the process.

Do you guarantee the privacy of my information?

Yes indeed! I will never divulge any of the details from our coaching sessions. In fact I will provide a confidentiality agreement.

Do I need to sign a parent coaching agreement?

Yes, we will sign a parent coaching agreement which spells out all of the terms and conditions of our coaching relationships, including but not limited to:

  • Length of coaching program
  • Payment agreement
  • All responsibilities
  • Click Here to see a sample

I am an expecting Mom can parent coaching help before birth?

Sure can! Your baby is growing each day and soaking in your emotions and vibrations. I’m sure you notice different “activities” from your baby when you feel happy or sad or hungry or stressed. We all know baby can hear the vibrations of music in the womb, they are also picking up on your emotions. You two are connected, so its great when you pick up on your negative emotions and change them to positive.

You can get an early start on positive parenting and empowering your child!

How Much Will I have to Invest for Coaching?

The investment for the 12 week program is just $1,500 ($500 per  month) if handled monthly, and only $1,200 if taken care of in advance. The program includes all materials you’ll need, including workbooks, forms, etc. Also included is e-mail support and 1, 15 minute refresher call each month, if needed outside of the coaching session. All payments are made by credit/debit card and handled either online or over the phone.

Final bonus you will receive a Parenting Empowered Kids performance t-shirt! Wear it proudly! Click Here to see a sample.

One final thought on the investment. Take a moment to think of how much money we spend on trips, clothes, manicures, gifts, and other “extras”. Then think of how much we spend on things that truly make us and our family fulfilled. If you’re wondering if parent coaching is “worth the money”, let me ask you:

How much is it worth to parent an empowered child that will want to live a happy, productive life and strive to reach their full potential. Empowered kids become empowered parents. Now, that’s a circle you do want to repeat!

What if I have other questions?

Please Contact Me!

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