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empowerd sharonHi I’m Sharon Grimes and welcome to Parenting Empowered Kids!

I work with parents to help them learn how to empower their children to lead healthy, full and productive lives. Empowered children believe in themselves, embrace their uniqueness, are self aware and make good decisions. In short, empowered children are better equipped to reach their full potential!

I believe there is no better coach for your children than you. That’s why I take such great joy in working with parents and helping them understand what empowerment is all about and how it can help their children.

It’s simply a matter of being conscious of where your child is on the KEEP ladder and having the knowledge to help them move up the ladder into a healthy range, when necessary.

This is accomplished by you understanding the universal laws at work, the emotional ranges and then applying the techniques you learn. Of course you have to walk the talk that you are teaching your children.

Any child can be an Empowered Child!

What I Do

I’m a Certified Law of Attraction Coach, Author, Blogger and Entrepreneur. In addition to my Parenting Coaching practice; I also own Body Art Fusion, a family entertainment company that provides face painting, body painting, airbrush tattoo and henna tattoo services.

Each year I have the privilege of working and interacting with thousands of parents and kids through my businesses and charity work. I’m amazed that I continue to learn new things during these interactions and love taking this knowledge and putting it use to help other families!

I take great pride in bringing joy and empowerment to the lives of those I work with.

The Road Less Traveled

empowered kids

Luke, Noah and Sierrah showing off the paracord bracelets they make and sell. Empowered kids all the way!

I’ve never taken the traditional path in life! I grew up on farm in northern Michigan loving arts and crafts, and my best friends were animals. In particular my faithful companion a St. Bernard, Sir Galahad Killamanjaro Ceasar Shakespeare Cooper, or Galahad for short!

I got married at 19 and 30 plus years later I’m still married to the same wonderful man. We have four amazing children, Daric 33, Ashlie 28, Noah 12 and Luke 9. We also have an awesome 10 year old granddaughter, Sierrah!

My husband and I both graduated from Eastern Michigan University. In the early 90s we spent four years overseas, living on two small dots in the South Pacific; the Republic of Palau and the Marshall Islands. Both of these island nations are located in Micronesia.

During this time in addition to teaching 3rd grade, I learned great appreciation for other cultures, their history, traditions and way of life. I also learned that I did not have to live in cold weather! When we returned we immediately moved to Florida where we have been ever since.

I love to travel and in addition to Micronesia I have visited; Indonesia, Guam, Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, Aruba, Mexico, many Caribbean Islands and much of the lower 48 states.

My next “dream trip” is Australia!

My Mission

My life purpose is to over the next 10 years build a positive parenting community of over a million strong… 

My life purpose is to over the next 10 years build a positive parenting community of over a million strong; all dedicated to empowering kids! With your help this can be achieved through parent coaching, art, social media and other resources.

I mentioned earlier that empowered kids are more self-aware and make better decisions. I know the danger of kids making poor decisions first hand.

My oldest son Daric who is a very loving and giving person made a series of poor decisions as a youth that he is still paying for to this day. He got caught up in the wrong crowd and succumbed to peer pressure.

It was never anything violent or sadistic, but none the less, he ended up being in front of a judge multiple times over a period of a few years. The judge always saw potential and would generally give him break.

Then one day he attempted to steal some lunch meat and cheese. When he was spotted he ran out of the store and bumped into one of the store employees on his way out. This was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Daric was sentenced to 15 years in prison.

Even though we continually talked to him about decision making, he was not empowered to take responsibility for these decisions. He is a bright and sharp person who learned a very tough lesson the hard way.

Remember, potential is wasted if you don’t fully realize it.

I think of my mission every time I visit Daric and I’m determined to work with parents to make sure this doesn’t happen with your child.

Enjoy our Resources!

1956703_997709090244279_114098554183813423_oI invite you to look around the website and take advantage of the resources!

Be sure to download my free e-book, Parenting Empowered Kids, it contains some great tips.

Also don’t miss getting your own KEEP chart! It helps you understand how children’s emotions impact their thoughts, actions and behavior. Parent coaching allows you understand these emotions and help your child raise their vibrations, and move up the ladder to a healthy range.

To learn more about how parent coaching can help you empower your children please contact me so we can set up a free get together to discuss your goals.

Please be sure to visit our Frequently Asked Questions resource to see some of the common questions we receive.

Finally, you can always contact me if you have specific questions or for any reason at all!

5 Interesting Tidbits About Me

dragon rhinestones

One of my favorite rhinestone shirts

1. I love animals and have an online dog supply store – Abundant Dog Supplies.
2. I’m a weekend face painting warrior, and love traveling to events interacting with parents and kids all over Florida and Southern Georgia!
3. I worked at a hospital for 15 years in the Admissions Department where counseling a variety of sick people daily led me to my coaching path.
4. I’m an avid Days of Our Lives fan.
5. My manly husband makes rhinestone shirts!






I look forward to working with you to help empower your children!

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