Parenting Empowered Kids

As parents we all have the goal of raising healthy, empowered and enlightened children. We have the best intentions at heart, but unfortunately those intentions don’t always translate to raising the empowered children we desire.

What stops children from becoming empowered?

Typically it’s our own doubts and limiting beliefs. Many of which we learned from our parents. None of this is intentional, but none the less, it negatively impacted us and continues to harm our children.

To raise an empowered child, you must first become empowered yourself!

What are Empowered Kids?

group of smiling school kids making high fiveNo two empowered children are the same, but here are a few common traits:

  • An empowered child has a positive and winning mindset. They believe anything is possible and that they can become anything they want. They will not let anyone or anything set limitations for their life.
  • An empowered child is self-confident. They understand that no one else can determine or impact their self-worth. This high level of self-esteem means that they will not bully others or be bullied by others.
  • An empowered child embraces their individual uniqueness. They use this uniqueness to express their great creativity. Empowered kids understand and respect the uniqueness of all creatures.

It all Begins with Positive Parenting

A key to raising empowered children is to practice positive parenting.

Positive parenting involves understanding how to empower your kids. All children have within themselves the ability to do great things. An empowered child is nurtured to understand, embrace and truly believe this.

Positive parenting means understanding empowerment and practicing it yourself. When you truly understand how to live an empowered life yourself; you will then have the knowledge to teach empowerment to your children.

This is how positive parenting works!

Good Health is Part of Empowerment

Empowered kids are healthy kids. Good nutrition is a must to raise healthy empowered children. With today’s hectic lifestyles nutrition sometimes takes a back seat to convenience. What’s gained in ease is lost in health.

Studies show that each year more kids are becoming obese and suffer the negative health consequences that go along with it. This includes, high blood pressure, diabetes and other risks that can be avoided with sound nutrition.

Expecting Parents can Get an Early
Start on Positive Parenting!

The best time to start positive parenting is during fetal development. Numerous studies show that babies in the womb can actually hear their mother’s voices and remember what’s said after birth!

We all know that smoking, alcohol, drug abuse and stress can have a damaging impact on the baby’s health after birth. Negativity, an unloving environment and constant arguing amongst parents during pregnancy also impacts the baby after it’s born. These emotions create hormones which are passed directly through the placenta to the baby.

You can begin to practice positive parenting during pregnancy and give your child a head start down the road to empowerment!

Empower Yourself, Empower Your Child

positive parentingOne of the best ways to empower yourself is by working with a parenting coach. A parenting coach can help you learn the keys to empowerment. In turn you can then coach your children to become empowered!

A coach does not tell you how to be a parent. A coach does not give you orders. A coach does not visit your household. A coach simply helps to bring to light skills that you already have, but are perhaps unaware of.

A parenting coach helps you understand and recognize your children’s emotions. You are then empowered to help them move up the KEEP ladder, from lower vibrations to healthy higher vibrations.

To learn more about how coaching can help you and your family, please request a complimentary get together.

Also be sure to get your free e-book; 12 Positive Parenting Tips.


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